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Originally Posted by osirisraa View Post
So with this information is it worth it to use a launcher or just stick with 4 cannons when running a 5 slop tactical advace fleet escort? mk xii relays very rare are 30% x 5 is 150% more damage which should put a dual heavy cannon mk xii very rare doing more damage then a mk xii very rare laucher.
Honestly, I think it's less important to look at the consoles, and more important to look at the drain on your weapons power.

I'm not a min-maxer, I just recall reading that going 4x Cannons, 3x Turrets can drain your weapons power enough that it's only marginally better energy-wise than 3x Cannons, 1x Torp, 3x Turrets. Since your Torpedo doesn't work off of weapons power, it won't cause you to overdraw on that.

Take what I say with a grain of salt, though. Like I said, I'm only recalling this info, not reading off of a guide or anything. It's still worth keeping in mind, but hopefully someone else will pop into the thread that knows more about it than I do.