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12-20-2012, 10:48 PM
Tested it.

1 efficient boff: 1 bonus power
2 efficient boffs: 2 bonus power
3 efficient boffs: 2 bonus power
4 efficient boffs: 3 bonus power

My captain is Efficient. I mailed a Saurian to my Ferengi alt and tested it. Didn't work. So apparently what Borticus said isn't quite accurate: the issue is not whether the captain is the same species, but whether the captain has the associated trait.

I didn't have a Human captain, and my account is char capped, so I actually spent $5 to buy some more char slots to try out Leadership. (Bort, you should totally reimburse me, brah). I rolled a Human and spent a good 10m collecting the huge pile of promo items that come with every new character. (I have the same problem in WoW, btw, starting a new character is always an ordeal with three pages of promo items waiting in the mail).

Leadership doesn't seem to work even on my Human. I tested out Efficient. It works on my Human, who is not Efficient. Hmm. Then it occured to me that the Ferengi was a tactical and the Human was an engineer, and both Saurians were engineers (for the obvious reason Efficient engineers are cheaper). I bought a tactical saurian off the XC for 1.5m and tested it. It worked.

I then switched back to my main character - Alien science with Efficient - and tested the liberated Borg boff. It worked. So then I rolled another Human, a science, and tested another Efficient Saurian engineer. It didn't work.

I would assume that what is going on is that all the boffs act as modifiers for the trait list drawn from the captain's pool; without the captain populating the trait list with a given trait, the boff trait becomes a null value. It appears that the Efficient trait can be populated either by being of the same career, or having the Efficient Captain trait.

To fix this, the trait list must be populated with all traits, with their values set at 0 by default, probably by populating the list from the same fixed table and having the captain modify those values just as the boffs do.

As for Leadership/Covert Operative, god knows, those appear to be just plain broke. I tried slotting a Human engineer boff on my Human engineer captain; didn't do anything. I know that being at full hull was not the issue because the repair rate still showed as 72%, meaning that the rate is in fact being calculated rather than being a null value due to full hull.

It is interesting to consider that if Leadership became functional, KDF Human boffs would skyrocket in value: Efficient isn't worthwhile past 1-2 boffs, Covert Operative probably won't stack with itself if Bort ever gets it working (11.5% crit would be OP), and Veteran boffs are too uneconomical to have more than one. Just something to think about.

Anyway, Bort, what do you say?