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12-20-2012, 10:56 PM
I sooooo very endorse this. ANYTHING with added visuals should be toggleable. We know it can be done, because that's already how ground stuff works. If I can turn off the visuals for my ground toon's armor, I should be able to do the same for my ship's shields.

MACO shields look great, but there's a reason I customized my paint scheme. Not to mention when you get a piece of kit that just looks straight up ugly. I effing hate having these stupid borg zits all over my ship, but I can't afford to part with the assimilated module console. I spent an entire ship tier on both factions flying with a Jem Hadar set, and could not WAIT to replace it due to that horrible eyeball-rotting shield hull pattern.

The Reman shields are very hit-and-miss too: on some ships they look fantastic, on others one-note and toylike.