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12-20-2012, 11:09 PM
This is not understandable to me.... you would intentionally make a ship weak just so you can get it built?

You guys say fanfiction is bad but I would rather have an effective ship then a watered down log.

I wonder who's more of the fan here, the person who is watering down a ship to nothing just to get it on the boards or the one who's really trying to make it into what it really should be?

None of the big cruisers are worth getting because of this kind of blatant abuse that people are doing. All this concession-izing and coddling makes hose cruisers useless to every tac out there because none of them have any real bite to them and the only people willing to actually make a ship with some fight is PWE itself, come on people get it together. If you're going to make a ship that's more then likely not going to be made how you want it any how then at least have the courage to make it worth flying.

A big ship that can't rotate b-faw 3 or cvs 3 is seriously not a tanker ship to me, it won't be able to keep aggro, it won't b aggressive, and it will still fail to be anything but target on the field to be gunned down.