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12-21-2012, 12:06 AM
Actually that Lt. Cmdr sci might mean more than some would think.

Not everyone wants another DPS cruiser. I personally loved flying my old Star Cruiser a long time ago in season 4-ish, before I bought my RA Excelsior.

Lt. cmdr sci opens a LOT of possibilities, far more than a Lt. Cmdr Engineer would.

That slot can hold...

Gravity Well 1
Sci Team 3
HE 3
Jam Sensors 3
Mask Energy Signature 3
Polarize Hull 3
Tachyon Beam 3
Tractor Beam 3
Energy Siphon 2
Feedback Pulse 2
Photonic Officer 2
SS 2
Tyken's Rift 2
Photonic Shockwave 1
Viral Matrix 1

Aside from heals, I could see some rather nasty things involving Viral Matrix for example. Buy some VM DOFFs, and suddenly cruisers are gonna start tossing out nasty science stuff, or disabling with PS 1, and so on from there.

Plus, having the Lt. Cmdr sci instead of a Lt. Cmdr engineer means fewer shared cooldowns on Engineering abilities, often times a great annoyance when it comes to cruisers.

It may not be a DPS cruiser, but then again, it's also not meant to be. Otherwise, it'd be little more than another copy of the Excelsior or Regent.

With the OPs idea (one I REALLY like btw), at least it'll have it's own new, and unique place in the game, while still being very useful.

I could post a whole build if I wanted, I already have a lot of ideas for it. If it does come with that Lt. Cmdr sci, that is gonna be AWESOME.

Originally Posted by koppenflak View Post
But seriously...

What the Ambassador SHOULD be is the T3 Cruiser that you get before the Galaxy class makes its appearance at Tier 4. (Not saying it shouldn't get a T5 refit, mind you)

The Heavy Cruiser (Four Nacelle) should then, in turn, be made the hull type for Tier 2.

Get the Constitutions and ancient, "tall-ship" design theories out of the main line. If they have to be there, put them in the C-Store, with period-appropriate statlines.

(Yes, I'm bracing for the flame onslaught.)
I had a similar thought a few months ago. I felt for awhile that the Ambassador should be the roughly 'sister' ship to the Excelsior. The Excel would be the more nimble and tac heavy one, with it's transwarp drive and all that, while the Ambassador would be the more appropriate tier 3 ship and such, or maybe a tier 3.5 as a C-store ship, with a tier 5 varient.

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