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12-21-2012, 12:12 AM
When I came home after work today around 6pm PST, I started going thru my toons for the daily race. The race for the first 5 toons went great. No lag, rubberbanding or any issues at all. I completed those races very quickly and though the issue is fixed somehow. When I started my 6th toon, I start to get some minor rubberbanding. Nothing that really impact my race too much. As I go thru the rest of my toons, it just keep on getting worst. For my last toon, it took my around 10 tries. Keep getting disconnect, unresponsive UI with missing textures (Q was bald because the texture for the hat was not loaded which is kinda funny. I should have taken a picture with Raptr and post it). In the end, I got thru it and just call it a day.

I think you guys may be right about my ISP contributing to the problem. However, I am not completely convinced that my ISP is the only one to blame though because there are many others in this thread that are not using my ISP and having similar issues. I will give my ISP a call tomorrow and hopefully they can doing something about it.

Thanks guys for having a look. (lewstelamon01-Thanks for the reminder about taking out my IP. I edited it out now from my original post).