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Originally Posted by cratchmaster View Post
It really does seem kind of odd. I mean, why tell lifers that we're going to get access and then simply not do that? It's disrespectful and poor business. I can't imagine any reputable company doing a thing like that. Cryptic on the other hand... lol just jokes. But seriously it does look like a game worth checking out!
This, and the epic failure of Hellgate: London (which also had the 'lifer' option) is the main driving force behind my personal decision to never invest long-term in any video game. There is no way of knowing if the game itself will even be around long enough for you to reap the benefits of investing hundreds of dollars, or as mentioned above if there will even be support of any kind in the future. The only reason this game is still around is because it's Star Trek, and we as fans love Star Trek. If this was based on anything else, I'd be putting it in the above list next to it's brethren while having this discussion on another MMO forum for some other game.