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12-21-2012, 01:14 PM
You can get away with 1 tactical team only if you have 2 Tac-Team Conn DOFF's to reduce the cooldown from 30 seconds down to 15 -- this makes it match Tac-Team's global cooldown. Otherwise you always want 2 Tac-Teams, and since Defiants have an over-abundance of Ensign tac ability slots, you might as well slot 2 tac teams so that you can use those DOFF spots for more productive functions (like Attack Patterns, SubNuc's, Placates, etc.)

If you run the Borg Universal Assimilated Module, then you should consider the Borg Cutting Beam in an aft weapon slot to give you the Omega Weapon Amplifier proc (reduces all energy weapon power drain, thereby increasing overall DPS) which triggers quite often.

EDIT: for dedicated PVE, dump all instances of CRF and replace it with CSV for more total DPS against multiple targets.