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12-21-2012, 12:35 PM
Why are people so obsessed with it? Because everyone needs THEIR generation to be special, to be important, to be the best generation.

We talk about how awful and stupid and silly old generations with their weird dark ages and Inquisitions were, and how much worse they were before that. Nevermind most of what we think about the dark ages never happened and much of what we believe about the Inquisition was invented later to make what was going on at that time look less despicable by comparison. Then we make up lies to belittle the generations that follow us - the youngest current adult generation in the Western world has the lowest rate of crime, drug use, or unwanted pregnancy of any generation since we've kept track, but ask anyone over 50 if they believe the same. Then ask that youngest generation what they think about their education compared to their elders.

Doomsday locks those lies forever. It saws the rungs off the ladder with you at the top, so no generation will ever surpass yours. And if there's a "worse" generation after yours, you get to blame them for bringing this on you.

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