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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
p2wsucks and i are talking about 2 different things. hes using a single AtB, and dismissing the downsides, and im talking about the 2 AtB approach.

1 AtB is vastly inferior at cooldown reduction and energy level up time. the only advantage is that you have all your aux for 30 seconds at a time, and none every 10 seconds. as apposed to 0 to 30 aux at all time when you use 2 AtB.

the only global you will get from 1 AtB is with EPtX abilities. everything else will have at least 5 seconds extra to cooldown by comparison, and thats only if you activate it immediately, its bound to be sloppier then that just thanks to ui lag. you also don't have a whole bunch of extra energy all the time, only for 10 seconds. it also becomes a pain in the ass to micro manage, especially wile trying to dog fight, with 2 copeis you can just have it as part of your cycling ability keybind, very little thinking is required, theres no distraction from it.

on my 2 AtB builds, all but the EPtX abilities have their cooldowns reduced twice before i have a chance to use them again, often the 2nd time it overkills the cooldown off completely. even wile brainlessly cycling both copies, its rare that i lose more then a second or too to poorly times and ordered using of abilitys.

1 AtB doesn't even come close to global for a lot of abilities, like TBR, DEM, EWP, VM, RSP, and APO. so sure the downsides are less when you use 1 AtB, but your also better off using 2 copies of those long cooling down abilities if you can
There's no aux down time if you time it right and save epta for right after you use aux2batt. 1 aux2batt cycles 2x during the cooldowns of anything over 1 minute cooldown (over ~mid to high 30s seconds really). This means you do have 2x rsp, 2xdem etc since it cycles 2x while they're on cooldown. Also, .7@ 45 second cooldown timer is 31.5, this means you have near 100% uptime on eptx and any other skill w/45 individual cooldown and 30 second shared.

As I mentioned in a post awhile back I don't use keybinds, so maybe that's why I don't have an issue w/it. Since, there are times you can chain something or wait 6-8 seconds for a better option, eg use CVS1 or wait and use CRF3. That's a tactical option I like having and often waiting coincides w/a target's TT or RSP dropping out, so I'd have waited anyway. Other times I prefer to clear spam or hit multiple targets on a strafing run for pressure dps and see who's cracking.