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12-21-2012, 02:26 PM
Read them over. Violent crime and sex crime rates in ages 10-24 are down 77% since 1994 alone, and 1994 was the first uptick after thirty consecutive years of decline.
no they aren't
many teenagers commit a "sex" crime with their boy/girl friends every week

Even the sudden resurgence of youth violence in 2010-11 didn't managed to bring rates back to 10% of what they were in the 1950's, and that's not even corrected for the fact that things that were once considered acceptable youth behaviors (or at least were not considered illegal) are now violent/sex felonies. Petty crime rates are down even more.
Drinking underage
Smoking underage
Sex underage
Driving underage
carrying a knife
carrying a gun
accessing websites while underage

all crimes

You can have all the opinions you want, and all the "Oh just look at all the" NO. Your opinion is on one of the most statistically studied facts in the entire world, and it is wrong.
US crime figures are not even in the top 10 most studied theorys
and aren't a fact

use drugs ONCE and you are a criminal
drink one beer under age you are a criminal

Even allowing the BoJ's unscientific surveys, the only age group showing increasing crime from generation to generation is those over 50, and their 180% per year increase in unreported violent crime by seniors is questionable at best.
no statistic has value unless its global