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12-21-2012, 03:27 PM
Or more specifically, if the Foundry is so great, PW can sack about 90% of Cryptic's staff because we wont need anyone for new content. Right?

This is not Team Fortress where the best ideas are made "game canon" and there is a huge temptation from the money counters to ask "if people are making content for free, why are we paying YOU?" (Yes TF has its own ways around this).

Really STO is just a Fed game with Token Klinks anyway, everything from the HUD to icons and publicity and so forth, the Klingon faction needs a heavy rebuild and certainly a dedicated season to run through things on a massive checklist.

I will suggest that early game content could be spent examining not only the Fed war, but also the relationships between houses and the alied species. Section 31 would probably try to break the Gorn away from the Klinks as they're the "brains" of the faction with their tech heavy vessels and the king on the council, as well as looking at the Ferasians (anything to make them interesting!) and perhaps looking into Orion and Nausicaan activity in smuggling out some shady secrets the Feds didn't want to share etc.
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