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12-21-2012, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I don't think anyone can seriously argue that the KDF shouldn't get any additional content, ever. If someone did directly say that, I didn't catch it. That would be trolling.

(((Strong hint)))

It is true that the Foundry can be a tool to provide extra content, and I hope KDF players are willing to take advantage of whatever they can get.

It's not too much to expect to ask Cryptic to keep making content for both factions. It's unrealistic at this point to expect to get it all at once, continually, and to maintain true parity.

What we should expect is that Cryptic will make the attempt to balance things out going forward and to close the gap by as much as they can whenever they have time in their schedule. It's not wrong to ask Cryptic to make time in their schedule, and to keep asking.
The gap cannot be closed if the devs release 'counterpart' content to accompany whatever the KDF gets. . .which is what I fully expect to happen.

And the Feddies will still stamp their feet and demand new toys and the like, while the KDF is kept on the back burner.