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Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
Actually, no. When KDF began at the low level following release, you still had to create a Federation character first and play to unlock the Klingon faction. Since the release of this game, never has a player been able to create a KDF faction character as their first avatar.

Now that the starting level and level required to unlock KDF has been raised to Commander, new players are further discouraged from playing KDF as players tend to get attached to and identify with their first character or the one they have put the most time and effort into. At release, when the required Federation playtime was much less, players who desired to play KDF could quickly speed the first Federation levels to abandon that character for what they really wanted to play. From an in-game standpoint, the incentive no longer exists to essentially start over after an extended period with basic equipment and no credits or duty officers.

This is also partially why WoW remains the juggernaut it is today while so many other MMO's, rushed and flawed or not, fail. Players have so much time invested in their WoW characters that they grow discontent with starting over in a new game, whether they enjoyed it or not, and return to WoW even if it just means sitting faux AFK in town so others can gawk at their purple-text pixels.
That's what I kinda meant. . .for all intents and purposes, players could start as a KDF. The first 5 levels are more or less inconsequential. The KDF merely lacked a real tutorial. Of course, the first levels were still pretty thin, due to lack of content, but at least we had the option of starting that early. Now the population problem is further exacerbated by the higher starting level, as you indicated.