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12-21-2012, 04:14 PM
Chiming in to be a jerk here:

I saw a thread elsewhere that suggested that installing an older Intel driver fixed this. However you all need to realize that this is poor hardware with poor driver support. As time marches on you will run into the same problems with other games and you all put yourselves in this situation as those with real discrete graphics cards do not suffer from this problem. They bought a computer or laptop with the intention to use it to play a video game. Laptops aren't designed for games unless specifically stated so. Multimedia != 3D games.

Look at how often driver updates are released by nVidia and AMD/ATI vs Intel. Also a problem like this with a card from those manufacturers is unthinkable... it plain does not happen, if it were to it would be addressed by those manufacturers quickly. Intel could care less that our game doesn't work with their video card. Don't be upset with developers that games are moving beyond your hardware. How do you expect Cryptic to fix Intel's driver problem? Do you expect them to roll back parts of the game client because you all made a bad purchase decision or that you are trying to run a game on a computer/laptop that has no business running this game? Do you expect Cryptic to code a specific workaround for your hardware? Do you realize that such a fix is some real deep stuff? Need core engine/coders... not some system or content developers... the percentage of guys they have that would have the expertise to do the work needed is probably in the single digits.

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