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12-21-2012, 04:21 PM
Last tweets I saw were to the effect that the content for S8 were HUGE, so we shall see, but not getting my hopes up for anything to do with levels 1-50.

I love Trek, but I am also a Space sim fan just as much if not more so with Star Citizen coming in late 2014 and hopefully Elite: Dangerous in early 2014 I doubt I will be playing STO, especially if they have failed to really improve on the KDF and add the Romulan faction.

Look at this pre-alpha teaser trailer for E

Scavenger Hunt

It will be fun, but I have also wished CBS would get a clue and hire developers to make a truly galactic Star Trek game set in a procedurally generated galaxy where you could easily go on a 5 year mission of exploration .

Oh well, I do think STO, at least for me, captured the feeling of Star Trek from the point of view of episodes, just get the darn factions fixed .