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12-21-2012, 05:42 PM
Still flying my Negh'Var that I got for free. My ship is very nice and holds up well. Got beam arrays, packing cannons, and torpedoes. So I can take out most foes with no problems. I love those slow "Boss Battleships". I eat them up for breakfast with no problems. I have yet to see a big ship last long with my cannons firing at them.

I'm still debating what C-Store to buy. Hard choice to replace my Negh'Var. It was going to be a K't'inga, but they made it into a Fleet Ship. So that went that idea. For someone who don't do fleet actions due to life and time allowed to play. That was a bummer. I really wanted a higher K't'inga to use. After looking at the C store offerings I really don't see anything I want. Other than the Grumba.

This is why I'm working on the Breen ship. That will be my other ship. I'm glad STO brought it out. I see a perfect KDF ship to play with.

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