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Originally Posted by lonnehart View Post
Throughout the history of mankind dates to the end of the world have been set. People seem to wait eagerly for that day to come, and are disappointed (or relieved) when it doesn't come. Even in the 20th and 21st centuries we continue this thing even though we are technologically advanced and have better knowledge of the world.

True there seems to be ancient knowledge that states that it will come. Nostrodamus (spelling?) seems to predict it. The Mayan calander ends at that date (but could be mistranslated and still says nothing about an ending). It's late evening now and nothing's happened yet. Not that I'm worried about it. After all, life's way too short to worry about something you have no control over. If it ends, it ends... and that's it.

So what makes people so obsessed with the end of the world? And what thoughts does everyone else have about it?
i think why people are so upset about it is they cant log into sto and grind for the day if they are dead.

also no utubes or netflixes or anyting.