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12-21-2012, 05:11 PM
Its just amazing to me how there are always 2 sides to a particular topic.. Take this one for instance.. At every turn when someones presented there case for how the borg are OP there has been someone to respond with Utter nonsense. They seem to have this attitude that if the borg aren't capable of one hitting him to death then there is no problem and nothing needs to be fixed yet there are scores more people who complain that there is a problem. I hate to break it to you super trooper uber captains that can SoLo A gate or tact cube in a shuttle but not everyone is packing the same mega uber super rare gear you have that allows you to do that. ( sarcasm completely intended )

I notice a HUGE difference in what i can do and how much i can tank depending on the ship im flying and the toon im using. I can tank a tact cube in my Sci Toon Flying a Bortasqu using the 2 piece Honor guard set with Borg XI deflector.. All power to weps the rest to Aux for maxing my heals..

The point is you can avoid the one shot death. So people making that claim are correct. However i agree with those saying the borg are Over Powered because you shouldn't have to fly a giant Fortress in order to survive in this game.

In some way it also boils down to how useless Threat control can be.. I've taken agro away from tanks with full threat control in my Armitage on my tact toon from sheer DPS and to me its Stupid because it shouldn't matter how much DPS i do I shouldn't pull Agro from someone with 9 in threat control.. To me that makes it a pointless skill and a waste of points. That needs to be addressed so that tanks can Tank and do there jobs.. It is a LOT easier to have a cruiser tank in the team holding agro and me throwing my heals to him to keep him alive then having it the other way around..