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12-21-2012, 06:30 PM
See while I understand what you are saying. I ran a really old system for years that had a rage3d in it and had about 350MGz processor speed. And I would never even consider running a game like STO on it. But this computer...ok sure it is not the best or anything and there are games out there that I would not even bother to try. However STO does say that a IntelHD should run the game and before Season 7 everything was working fine. So the only thing that changed is the game. I updated my video driver, but that was done during the beta test weekend so I know it is not that at all. No this is clearly a case of Cryptic/PWE screwing up. And it sounds like it was bad code that was worked around and never fixed. So a lazy screw up at that. And no it is not just Intel cards that are effected, AMD/ATI and even NVidia are effected. In different ways sure and all the same way either.

Really I understand that my computer is not capable of running every game out there. But comments like yours don't help in getting this problem fixed. But they don't help, we know already know what you are talking about and you just come off sounding like a ****.