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OK I thought i'd give Kerrat another run after quite a bit of a break. So i flew over there and got cracking.

I was warned abou the PVP fights between KDF and FED. Being no good at PvP at all I let them fight on and proceeded to take on the Borg and Scan the nodes and blow up the other node things.

I was doing well I got 2 1st place purples and 1 2nd place Blue.

Then the raging started at me. 'Stop attacking the borg!' 'Stop completing the misson!' from Pvp players who just want to kill eachother. The raging was quite unpleasant so i TW back to ESD vowing not to return to Keratt again. This got me thinking.

The Zone is in conflict between the PvP players and those who want to run the misson for the gear. Am I missing the point here?

The misson would make a great standalone STF. If you want PvP go off and use a PvP zone, there should be a frrely avalible PvP zone like Keratt where people can blast themselves to bits where the only misson is to kill each other. I want to run the misson not get owned by over powered PvP players.

Its time to seperate the two out. They are incompatible.

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