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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
Personally, I find the Jem Attack Ship a bigger issue because it makes lousy PvP'rs seem respectable, marginally decent PvP'rs competative and once exceptional PvP'rs look godly. It's training wheels that scale upward with player skill. It's not available to everyone and those who have it will defend it to the death because they'd never fly anything else.
Nah, JHAS are great ships, I wish I had one. But even a well piloted one, and I've been up against quite a few, won't have the overall spike capacity of DPB3 tric ownage. And a proper team that uses all of the tricks of the trade: confuse, debuffs, disables, holds + DPB trics, would roll the hell out of a team that wasn't using them.

Someone here posted a video earlier where these guys were getting murdered by DPB Tric mines.

It's ridiculous. Look at that, 2 man team just owning a 5 man with Trics.

And those aren't noobs there, you have Jedinikon on there too.

There's no way in hell that a 2 man team of JHAS with pure burst would demolish a 5 man team unless they were the worst players of all time, that had the most utterly fail builds ever as well.

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