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12-21-2012, 06:25 PM
Originally Posted by roejspinodji View Post
The probabilty calculations shown for retrieving a console from the powered alien artefact do not match with the result. Something is pretty badly wrong here....
I have 24 % probability for purple, 51 for blue and 25 for green. So actually around every 4th console should be purple.
However, after trying out around 200 times (to really see, if it is a bug or not) I can say that around 9 % is purple, 44 % blue and 47% green.
Pretty annoying......
Please Cryptic get it fixed....

I have reported this error earlier, but unfortunately so far no response, change or anything....
I didn't think it was like that. Take the example of having a 24 almost 25% chance. Say you have a 4 sided die. You could, in theory, NEVER roll a 4, but you would eventually after many many tries. Take for example flipping a coin (there are three outcomes, but let's just say just heads tails) each flip is independent of the last one, 50/50 each and every time.