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12-21-2012, 07:49 PM
pay no attention to them,

but dont change ker'ret :p

kerret is a wonderful place, it offers a semi-free for all pvp wise, and when a bunch of cubes join the fray it makes things all the more interesting,

Simply ignore the silly moaners who cry about the instance resetting, though tbh it BENEFITS them, because it brings every single ship to a fixed point to do battle, its a win for them, they dont have to hunt down stragglers, but stupid people can cry.

Kerret is a wonderfully unique place, pvpve.. its so much more interesting than 5man pvp teams where one side is a ppremade and it becomes as 1 sided as.. a 1sided fight >.<

but yeah, my overall response, ignore the silly pvpers, its your right and responsibilty to do the mission , dont see why they complain for another reason, they get dilithium reward for just being there too >.>''...
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