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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
But that's the nifty potential of Ker'rat - you should be doing both.

Each side should be trying to complete the mission while stopping the other side from completing the mission while dealing with the Borg.

Do you split forces? Do you stay together and race around? Do you just head over to wipe out the other side and keep them tied up while a guy or two complete it? Do you just slaughter them over and over until they give up and leave...then complete it?

So many things...

...all ignored.

Were it a queue job, it might be different - there's just too much broken with it as an open area for it to work as they probably intended it to work...
This makes me laugh, because its so true :p
People who want good loot focus on the mission, while pretty much everyone else is there to PVP in a none-structured, non-queue-gated fun for all
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