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12-21-2012, 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Of course DPB is the problem. That's why they're going to nerf it. I think Tric mines should be taken out of DPB functionality to what they were before. If you manage to crit someone with 'em, it should be considered a pleasant surprise because you did everything right and the target was too weak. They shouldn't wax anyone with full shields and resists up.
Remove them from DPB and they become utterly useless. At least with a Tric Torp, you can launch it just as your target's shields are about to go down. A Tric Mine takes about 5 seconds to deploy and arm.

Either remove a Tric Mine's ability damage shields or remove it's ability to function with DPB. Not both.

The chain crit is the ONLY issue that's outta whack with tric mines and DPB.