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12-21-2012, 08:35 PM
I agree with the others. Ignore the whiners, do what you wanna do.

I mean Ker'rat is an excellent source of a lot of things, PvPing, Dil, and EC.

You can ignore, or mostly ignore the PvP part if you want, but the dil you can get, and the possibility of Mk XII items is too good to pass up.

Really, just try and not let it get to you. Just be understanding that with it being an open PvP, you have to expect anything and everything. There are no rules, no guard tower...only a magnetic shield prevents beaming. :p

But really though, no rules or anything in there, so regardless of what people may despise, like SNB DOFFs, Tric mines, Energy Drain builds, Danube Spam, etc, it can all possibly be there.