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ok I have a couple questions about the threat scaling sci consoles you can get from your fleet's embassy.... how do the procs work and do they stack.... say I put 3 of the science consoles on that all add a 2.5% chance to proc Plasma Fire, is that 2.5 for EACH console or will the lesser returns take over ?

Im considering getting these consoles and coupling the plasma burn with say... Phasers... or maybe Disruptors I guess... depending on the ship

and strangely enough I am liking having the complete Omega Adapted Tech set.... so far I am liking the plasma dot... I'm just looking into ways of allowing me to continue doing what I do but adding something else that needs to be dealt with, Im also looking at the Omega Rep Tier 4 passive for Kinetic Damage....and the Romulan Rep Tier 4 Placate

just seems like it might be fun... its neat to try new things
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