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people do understand. people also notice a power creep as well. i get an extra 266.5 regen. again in my opion dont matter what rp heroes think, my opion is just as valid, all ships should get an extra 300 regen. while people on oddys are getting more from the passive then i am just because of thier shild mod. the sheild regen should just be flat with no mods from the ship.

btw im taking 300 as a number. my oddy gets more then that with the passive. 266.5 is a very nice number but again the power creep. if anything i say flat no matter the ship 280.0
I know what you're saying and I agree, but I mean one way or the other it's a lot of free regen that wasn't in the game before. And it's true that on ships like the Ody (or that silly timeboat) it gets pretty crazy, even after the "nerf" the difference is absolutely there.

The fact that it isn't a flat number is kind of a problem... if it were flat, it'd even out and so there'd be no harm done. I honestly don't know what the effect on balance is with the way they've went about it. The uber-tanks are tanking even tankier I guess.

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