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12-21-2012, 09:33 PM
Coming from the PvE side of the game.


I understand there is an issue with Trics and PvP, but these changes kill any viable STF Tricobalt build. I currently run one toon with a tric build, and I've been saving up my zen for a vesta. I'm not sure if I will buy one, knowing these changes are inbound.

Having to use a Lt Cmd. Tact slot to deploy mines equal to 1.6 times a normal mine is not worth it, much less using a Cmd tact slot on another ship just to get 2 mines worth of dmg.

The true solution has been hit on here, you need to stop the chained crits, that would solve alot of the greif.

If these changes are implemented, then you should also consider reducing the cool-down to 30 seconds.

All these changes will do, is take Tricobalts out of the game again, much like it was the last time they were nerfed. Please just fix the actual problems with DPB, don't nerf the dmg, (and I mean just the chained crits, don't drop tricobalts from DPB again.) I was very disheartened after reading these changes.
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