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In the short term, what if DPB spread out way more? So that the entire batch would be unlikely to hit the same target, or if it did there would be a delay since there's still travel time. After the first one hits you even a half a second is enough to pop an aoe or stomp on the gas until you can manually target the rest of its friends. This would also leave the option for cubes and gates to still be targeted with the entire pattern since they're huge.
Dispersal Pattern Beta 2 and 1 actually don't spit the mines out very far. They are close and clustered together, where as Dispersal Pattern Beta 3 splits them up far enough to make them even deadlier because they are so much further apart. Granted it's not like it is with other mines being shot WAY out, it's still far enough to be noticeable.

As far as the proposed changes.. First note:

There is no Dispersal Pattern Alpha 3 player side, Borticus. Just FYI there.

The Proposed change where the dispersal pattern it's self reduces the damage the Tricobalt mines can produce at the base does seem like a good Band-Aid till the Software team can get the actual Crit issue for not just Tric mine + Dispersal Pattern beta (And only Dispersal Pattern Beta) but to all the effected abilities and effects. (Like EWP, for example)

If you are going to give NPC ships a point defense system, it should either have a Reduced Accuracy, or I agree with making it only able to target mines, or at least making Mines the priority target vs non Mines if possible.
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