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12-21-2012, 10:59 PM
It's 2.5% on any directed energy attack and 5% on any torp/mine attack.

Oh, my bad. I get it, now.

My saying directed energy attack isn't talking about DEM. You don't need DEM for it. Energy Weapon attacks... whether it's beams or cannons, etc, etc, etc.

It's weird though, in looking for an example of where it wouldn't apply - it's actually showing there on the tooltip for it. That's kind of odd. I didn't think it would be there, but my Isometric Charge is showing both the Omega Weapon Amplifier and Omega Graviton Amplifier procs there...that's kind of twisted. I guess that makes sense in a twisted way, since PDS will benefit from DEM.

Hrmm, I don't have Feedback on this guy - to check what exactly this proc does not apply to...

I'll just start referring to it as energy weapon vs. torp/mine in the future. I'd just been repeating what the tooltip had maybe it's a case of it just saying that it does not apply to indirect energy attacks, eh? Don't have PSW or CPB either to see if that's what it won't proc on...
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