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12-22-2012, 12:13 AM
Liked it up to the final room... then Hated it.

One-shot shield destroyers from the enemy NPC's, are ridiculous.

Nothing up to this point in the game, prepares one for this type of game play.

My SCI toon didn't stand a chance, I have the Physicist Mk X Kit...

It was like throwing cotton balls at the Tholians.

Only have the Crystal Space suit and the Cryo-Gun to work with.

Gave my BOff's the three Tholian Sonic Weapons I've earned so far.

Died to many times to count.

Another part of the Season 7 New Romulas area, I won't touch again.

As a casual player having to use what I have earned along the way to Admiral, I wouldn't suggest to anybody to try this mission twice.

Very happy for all you Eliters that enjoyed this mission, just don't expect me to pat you on the back.

If this is the direction that They are going to take the game, IMO it's going to disenfranchise a lot of players.
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