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Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
I think people's perception of this mission depends largely on how well they've adapted to STO's ground combat. It's no secret most players focus more on space and either don't bother with or actively dislike the ground combat. I personally didn't play it much and wasn't very good at it until I spent some time on Nukara.

Now, speaking as somebody who is solidly... decent at ground combat, I didn't have much trouble. I got knocked out once, but revived by a BO. I had to revive one of them once or twice, that's about it. I didn't even bother equipping my Tholian ground set, was just using my Elite Fleet gear. Granted, that's good gear, but good gear is part of being ready for content. You could probably do almost as well with purple armor/shields and some Sonic AP weapons off the exchange (for next to no cost).
If one doesn't play ELITE, how does one use Elite Gear???

They should post a warning at the start of this mission indicating that THAT Type of Gear is needed.

Which would probably mean that a very large part of the player base wouldn't even try.

A Fun game gives you a chance... this was not fun.
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