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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
The klingons need a lot more content that is uniquely Klingon rather just cloning the fed content after a certain level, being able to start from level 1 would be a good start with accompanying story missions. I just hope they do something about the UI, I know it doesn't affect everyone that way but it's enough of a problem that it's keeping a lot of players away from playing Klingons, which doesn't help whatever stats developers are looking at.
Agreed, they should add in different color schemes. They could probably stick with red, orange, and brown for the KDF, and introduce different shades for each. Federation could get blue, silver, and white, with different shades for each. This would be a nifty cosmetic addition, and the change on the KDF side would help players who have trouble with the red KDF UI. I'd personally want a darker, more blood-red/crimson color for my KDF scheme