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To be honest, I don't think those tactics really make the most use out of the B'rel retro. Yeah, it's perfectly suitable for it, since the stats are similar to the Hegh'ta. . .but that Enhanced Battlecloak is capable of so much more. Drop tric mines on an embattled Fed cruiser or escort, fire off chronitons/transphasics/plasma torps to generally mess with the enemy, use Hargh'peng torpedoes in order to damage the enemy slightly more with the secondary radiation explosion, and so on.

The problem with these particular tactics is that they're mostly solo maneuvers. B'rel retros running this sort of setup don't really fit into a team, unless they're running lots of chronitons to slow enemies down. They specialize in trying to take out enemies with buffed tric mines and otherwise harassing feddies into burning their hull heals.
I found that a cloaked scatter of Transphasic torpedoes paired with DPB drop of transphasic mines can be a nice force multiplier for my team in pugs for precisely that reason-it forces the feds to burn their hull heals, draws off pet spam, and clears pet spam faster-after which, decloak-alpha with BO, CRF, and HYT for the assist-you'll never get solo kills, but you can do serious harm in support of your wingmates.
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