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12-22-2012, 01:07 AM
More puzzled by Omega and Hyper-Plasma launchers on the same ship. Fore and aft, or both together as a torp boat?

Honestly I doubt many people even HAVE the Reman-12 set as pre-S7 it was a pain to get and generally considered inferior to the STF sets. Looking up the stats on the wiki, seems like the Reman engines might be nice for their turn rate and a small defense bonus, the deflector might have some use on a sci ship but seems kinda meh, but the shield is little better than a normal Covariant. Maybe go Reman-11 Deflector and Engines (save yourself 20k dilithium and only lose 1-2 points in Graviton Generators and Subspace Decompiler; probably never notice the difference), get the 2-piece bonus for your plasma torps, then use your MACO-11 shield? Its a thought.