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12-22-2012, 12:16 AM
momaw brought up a point in another thread that I feel like repeatedly doing /facepalms about... in all the discussions about it not being a heal, I still treated it as a heal in a sense while discussing aspects of what affects it.

I ignored the possibility that a ship's Shield Power would actually affect it. Since the shield number doesn't move when shield power changes, it's not really anything that I thought to look for - it's just one of those things in the back of your mind, right? The higher the shield power, the greater the shield regen - you have to do the math yourself, heh.

There is a spot in the defense section for shield regen, but they haven't started passing it the data yet.

So this raises the question - is the shield passive affected by shield power?

50 - 262.5
75 - 525
100 - 787.5
125 - 1050

Funny how we always come back to that 1050, eh?

Think about this then for a moment - in thinking about it before the patch: affected by shield power, four times the amount, and possibly running every second instead of every six... on a Wells.

1522.5 @ 50 Shield Power
6090 @ 125 Shield Power
Every second...

Even with a shield modifier of 1, though - if it were affected by shield power, it would have been 4200 shield regen (either per sec or per six secs).

I hope they get those shield regen numbers in soon... or perhaps one of the devs can answer that simple question - is the T4 Omega Shield Passive affected by shield power.

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