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12-22-2012, 12:55 AM
well the passive dont show a change. but i dont even know if my passive is active. with my maco sheild the tool tip does not show up. but when i swap to my omega sheild it
passive 262.5

250.9 tool tip on omega sheild.

173.4 tool tip on maco sheild.

with omega sheild tool tip info in ship tab for sheild regen 432 with epts 1 up at 68 sheild power. 240.8 at 48 sheild power.

ok reset my passives. lol and i knew it!!!! the passive does not show up on tool tip on ship tab. 454.6 with epts 1 up. 240.8 . low is at 48/25. high is 70/25. now this time i did put points into elector plasma systems.

so is the passive working? like i said, i gave new numbers will clean spec. its as if i never touched the rep system since i did a total respec and reset everything.

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