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12-22-2012, 01:33 AM
Garak. As far as I can tell your characters have only been here since around the 12th dec. You can be promoted to the next rank after 7 days which is fine, but access to the fleet stores occur after a player has been with the fleet for 2 months, and has gained 50'000 fleet credits on that character, then you can be promoted to elite and use the store. so your ferasan character is still 6 or 7 weeks away from that promotion.

I can invite one of your other characters to another fleet I am in, that is only slightly behind this one, but I am not a fleet leader so you will have to work your way through the ranks as anyone else would.

so i would like you to;

1) remove all your non ferasans as soon as you can. Let me know which rank you want to be promoted to (crafting specialist , space specalist etc. the different ranks are all listed in game) and i will promote your ferasan
2) give me the name of which character you want to join the new fleet and i will invite him, you can then decide if you want to stay there or not, or invite others.

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