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I just tested the Flight Deck Officers that give your ship a 10% bonus to defense when you set your carrier pets to passive. Two things seem weird:

- The bonus applies whenever you hit the "call pets back" button, regarless of whether you have any pets out or not

- At least in display, the flight deck doffs seem to be undecided whether they want to give +10% each or +20% - the actual number jumps back and forth between the two options.

If that is correct and not just a display bug, well... I can see a lot of Armitages having much fun with this.

On a side note, the flight deck officers that give +25% accuracy to the pets as long as they are set to "intercept" seem to indicate that a to-hit-chance of >100% does not result in noticably more critical hits. Either the flight deck doffs do not work or accuracy works differently than most people believe...
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