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12-22-2012, 07:04 AM
Greetings Captains!

The Omega Armada, one of the oldest and most respected Fleets in STO, is looking at you! We are recruiting new officers, regardless of rank or career field. If you are interested in a friendly, mature fleet with a primary interest in having fun and a bit of RP thrown in for good measure, then look no further! Our members are friendly, resourceful and willing to help you on your way to Starfleet greatness

In addition, we are looking to expand our elite PVP and PVE teams. If you are looking for a new fleet, are interested in PVP and PVE and possess the following traits, then please contact us:

- "Situational Awareness" - The ideal candidate will be quick-witted and adaptable with a good awareness of the situation around him, even when it is not directly related to what he is doing.

- "Team thinking" - The candidate will initiate actions for the team's benefit and value team success above personal success. Ie... when the team wins and he shines he will consider it a loss, and when he suffers a loss to help the team win he will consider it a victory.

- "Honesty" - The candidate will refuse to use hacks or cheats. Ideally he won't consider victory by such means as an actual victory.

- "Arete" - The candidate will have a desire for personal excellence and a willingness to earn it.

So Captains, are you up to the challenge? If so, the Omega Armada is looking for YOU!

Contact information: Website is, or you may contact me via email at
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