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12-22-2012, 06:06 AM
Today.. at 0500 EST I logged in to complete another daily Q winterland race and did not complete the race on my 7 toons until 0650..

I played 6 hrs prior with no issue, but this time I logged in and I couldn't interact with anything..

e.g. I could see completed DOFF missions but could not click on them.. could not buy anything from vendor and worst of all could not start the race. I was not even able to switch toons.

I reloaded the game 3-4 times, checked video drivers, rebooted, arghhhhh... so then I tried support via perfectworld site.. ha... that would not open (only the support section would not open lol)

One of the many many many times I reloaded/rebooted/cried/prayed I was able to get the change instance screen to show.. and was able to reload the existing map.. and completed the race with a toon. Success... all the toons were just as crappy of an experience..

I have had very little issues with this game.. and became a lifer 3 months back... but this is the second major issue that has prevented me from even playing..

Support may be down (or at least not open for me).. but there is always the forum