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12-22-2012, 06:51 AM
i like the idea of the venture skin for the advanced research sci vessel, i ride the fleet nebula =)

well, about the consoles, i dont expect them to be buffed, coz they are overpowered on pvp, one click on them is enough to take down a brel in seconds for example...

nebula is somehow a copy of the galaxy class, and magellan a copy of the monarch... so, why devs dont do the same with the venture? it would take like 30mins to make a new skin. the ships have lack of customization capabilities, we should have more skins or more options on the ship tailor, coz most of the ships have 3 classes to choose on tailor, advanced research vessel needs one more too, ive bought the venture to have ams, but i dont mind paying more 500zen to get the best ship of the game prettier