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12-22-2012, 08:44 AM
From what i tested over a short period of time...

Adapted KHG engines slow increasing to max speed in sector space, warp field bubble is still blue (is this supposed to be blue or red?), similarly shouldn't kdf shields on hit produce a more red shield bubble? while feds are white (from the tv shows/movies :p)

Adapted KHG shield + plasmonic + engineer = happy power levels

Assimilated Borg Space Equipment icons still not Mk?; rather a borg insignia

Adapted Maco Ground set, uses the RED khg covariant icon, while everything else is maco BLUE

Adapted Maco space mask energy field, running on full aux + enhanced plasma manifold effective up to 3-5km, so it?s pretty much the same use as KHG set, not a full cloak, but has its uses (assuming you have full aux)

Romulan flamethrower eats FPS if viewed from third person view; the fps eating can be lessened if camera angle is facing sideways to the player (camera not looking at the majority of flame)

The main body of flame seems to have the same graphical FPS eating as the ?white tears in space? in some of the red alert borg attacks on sector space

Flamethrower secondary fire doesn't last 5seconds as the initial, cops out at 3seconds in

Question about pulse waves, regular fire now states it only hits 3 targets max? And regular pulse wave secondary 5 targets?
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