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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
and slot standard issue

stay 8-10 km out and above the cube
do not have THREAT CONTROL

oh and less moaning more practice
This is why the optionals are almost always failed...people like this. People who slot standard issue green and blue exchange gear with stats that have nothing to do with they type of ship they are flying and probably spec into talents that have no impact in the game for what they are doing. Scrubs...oh well

if you live by the 8-10km range, you are just gimping yourself...has anyone ever taught you about energy weapon drop off? Staying at that range at ALL times would be dumb, please do not do that. and it does not matter if you are 9 km or 3 km away from a cube, sphere or whatever, the main part of my post is the fact that the damage modifiers PWE has stated they have changed have in fact, not been changed.

That is all. I will not be reading any further comments from the uneducated public that decides to reply, thanks.


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