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# 10 some radom thoughts
12-22-2012, 09:18 AM
1) I would like some missions to upgrade several sites, i.e. Wolf 359, Romulan home world, etc. The are several area's where upgrades could be made; and this would be area's where Star Trek history and loure could be learned.

2) Start Star Trek off at an Ensign level, this could done if in the first mission (prelude to a crisis) the charater if a Chief/Warrent officer.

Advantages: A) Could use Older designed ships, get most of the training missions out of the way, teach patrol duties, end with saving the S.S. Azzure

Disadvantages: A) Not enough content in Star Trek Online to be useful.

Workable walk thur: Due to war with Klingon's and now Borg intervention, Starfleet has promoted the top two to three classes for space missions. The officer's need space and ground training, doing so in a front line ship is not an option. During the mission "Prelude to Crisis", the Borg beamed out all Officer's, A commisioned Warrent officer or Master Chief could take over. This would add up to 10 grades to the Star Trek mix.

3) Bring back the Comador Ranking. Replace the Rear Adminal Lower Half with the Comador rank. Star Trek TOS had this rank. This would add another 10 grades to the Star Trek mix.

4) When a Duty Officer is in Sick Bay, A visit by the ship captain could/would help with captain's reputation.

5) When Duty Officer passes of an away mission, a service could be a mission to help with captain's reputation.

6) Players are not going to visit the ship's interior. The way to encourage them to visit is to offer Duty Officer assignment's that they can only get by visitting the ship's interior.

Again, just a few radom thoughts.