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Originally Posted by edwardvere View Post
I've read the Hilbert Guide, but I was hoping to find something a little less "cookie-cutter". There really is no way to have an effective escort with single cannons?

Thanks for the advice about the team skills (I already have Omega 3).
1st. Single cannons no, nope, nada. Dual Cannons its possible but require very creative setup on very few escorts only, hint: steamrunner and heavy procs Go for cookie-cutter as it is cookie cutter for a reason.

2nd. Omega is not team it is self only if you more team focused go for beta this help dmg from entire team as opposed from omega that helps only you. Both are good but depend mostly on what environment you use it and how you fly.

After the changes with new reputation cookie cutter changed to both sero point and assimilation consoles and cutting beam in aft instead of turret.

for typical 4xDHC 2xturrets 1x cutting beam go for this boffs


1st TT1 - CSV1 - RF2 - Omega3 or Beta3
2nd TT1 - CSV1 - RF2

This gives you good single target and good aoe your choice about when to use them to best effect (hint: kang defense / probe duty CSV - cubes gates and other structures RF)


Emergency power to shields x2 with new -threat consoles from embassy emergency power to weapons are nice too on heavy single targets as you will avoid aggro


Hazard emitters as borgs dots will kill you fast if not cleared depends on escort at least 1 copy 2 prefered, shield heal and than gravity well if you have lt comm escort.

Do not go for RSF, it is on long cooldown and with new consoles from embassy you shouldnt get aggro if you dont screw up in piloting and target choosing (hint: attack same thing as your team unless it is something squishy, dont charge against tac cubes first let others grabb aggro first - few seconds is enough and its lower delay than respawn).