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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
i dont think theres a d7

the dykr in enterprise was 100 or so years before TOS, and the one in the sto is "based" on its designs but is still a modern ship

come'on. i listed the allowed ships.

either you pick one of those with the weapons restrictions and gear restrictions... or this event isnt for you
The D-7 class (aka the K'Tinga) is in the game as the Commander level Battle Cruiser.'tinga
It has the D-7 skin seen in the TOS episodes, and the K'Tinga skin seen in TMP/Star Trek VI.

Also, you have to realize, some of us don't have the resources right now to buy the ships you limit us to. I'll try, but it's a short deadline, and not a whole lot of time to gather the ZEN for the Constitution class.