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Originally Posted by phantomeight View Post
Chiming in to be a jerk here:

*snipped gobldeygook*

And an ignorant one who can't read, at that. Being as several people have pointed out this is occurring with new/newish laptops capable or running much newer games with MUCH higher basic graphical requirements than STO, which is a relatively low powered game in the current market.

And Cryptic themselves have admitted the issue is a new shader option in Season 7 that conflicts with the recently released new driver. That's on the record for anyone to see if they dig around here. Frankly I actually take them at face value when they say they're on the hook waiting for an answer from Intel about what was, in the end, an unfortunate timing issue of the releases of the patches for STO and Intel. Because there's absolutely no reason to lie, unless they hate money.

But yeah it's because the hardware is magically obsolete, only when playing a single old game. If you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona you can have for only 10 000 Zen.

These kind of programming conflicts aren't that uncommon in PC gaming. Fixes can take time, though I will say I still would like to know *why* an option to roll back the new offending shader setting can't be instituted in the short term. But people searching for a more mysterious solution to what is going on here simply have too much time on their hands.

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